Internet Marketing

Looking to increase the visibility of your business on the Internet? Marketing on the Web works to ensure your website can be found for the products and services you offer. We provide Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to the Huntsville Alabama area.

What is SEM? Simply advertising your products and services on search engines, websites and through social media. (more)

What is SEO? Making sure your website can be found in the natural (or organic) results when someone is searching (or googling) for the products and services you provide. (more)

Google’s algorithm employs over 200 variables in determining the ranking of sites. At the core of the algorithm are Quality Content, Site Architecture, Incoming Links, and Freshness.

Quality Content Your site’s content must convey its purpose in a clear fashion and, within seconds, convince your visitors that they have found something worth exploring further. In order for the search engine to target your content, however, its copy must contain key phrases that can be matched to a searchers’ request.

Site Architecture The architecture of your site should, in hierarchical fashion, convey the importance and relationship of your content. The navigation should be intuitive to use, not only helping visitors to locate the information they are seeking, but also to convey where they are within the structure of your site.

Incoming Links Incoming links are at the core of Google’s Page Rank algorithm. Google views links from reputable sites as “votes” signaling the importance and relevance of your content. Incoming links can come from many sources, including blogs, forums, social networking sites, and press releases.

Freshness The freshness (or recency) of your content is also a factor in how your content ranks in the search results. Businesses that routinely update or add  content to their website will rank higher in the search results than websites that rarely change.

Marketing on the Web focuses on analyzing, optimizing, and marketing websites to maximize results!

Looking to increase the visibility of your business on the Internet? – We Can Help!