Search Engine Optimization for Local Businesses

Local Search Marketing

Make no mistake, in today’s competitive online world, getting your business found on the first page of Google is critical for local businesses. Our Local Marketing Packages are designed to improve how your business ranks in Google when people search for your products and services: examples: Huntsville Attorney, Lawyers in Huntsville, AC repair, Dentist etc.

“In SEO, our role is to take all of the possible optimizations and figure out which ones are worth spending time on. Any automated SEO tool will spit out 10s or 100s of “recommendations”, most of those are going to be irrelevant to your site’s visibility in search. Finding the items that make sense to work on takes experience.”

Local Business Optimization

To prepare your website to compete on the Internet we address the following:

On-site OptimizationOn-site Optimization

If you want to be found in the local search / map results, it’s important that your website be fully optimized for the search engines. On-Site Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can improve the way search engines crawl your site for content and make the most important terms more visible in the search results.

  • Optimize Titles and Meta Descriptions for key content
  • Tag your pages with microdata to comply with
  • Install and configure an SEO module
  • Review Website Structure and Tune Category and Tag names
  • Configure Google Tracking
    • Set up Google Analytics
    • Set up Google Search Console
    • Link Google Analytics and Google Search Console

off-site optimizationOff-site Optimization

Off-Site optimization works to improve the ranking and relevance of your business and its position in local search results. Off-Site Search Engine Optimization (SEO) includes:

  • Creating and/or optimizing your Google My Business Page
    (validation requires businesses’ assistance).
  • Accurate Name Address and Phone number (NAP) listings across key citation services
  • Business Reviews

Digital AdvertisingDigital Advertising

Companies that advertise can have their products and services pushed to the top of the page. Not only does this push competitors down, but combined with organic results, enables your company to be listed multiple times within the search results.

  • Advertising accomplishes several things at once:
  • Immediate visibility for a wide range of searches
  • Feedback on the most searched and profitable phrases
  • Search Result dominance.