Internet Marketing Services

Marketing ServicesOur focus is on improving visibility and traffic to your website.

The Internet is the best way to attract customers, present your products and services, and generate sales. At Marketing on the Web we provide a range of marketing services to improve the visibility of your business’s website in the search results. Improving visibility and increasing traffic to your website.

Market Research
Market Research

Considering a new website? We will evaluate your current website, as well as your competitors, for structure and content. Then we give you our recommendations on how to structure and organize your website for the best results.

We recommend this step when business are considering a new website or the redesign of larger websites. See Website Audit


Website_On-site OptimizationWebsite Optimization – On-Site

Like polishing a resume, we work to improve the way search engines like Google crawl and index your site content. If you are bumped up higher in search results you get more leads!

This is a one-step we recommend for all websites. See Site Optimization 

off-site optimization
Website Optimization (SEO) – Off-Site

We promote your products and services on other websites. Often referred to as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Now listen because this is important… this is not a one and done process. Much like a fitness program, over time SEO improves your sites findability and recognition for your company’s offerings.

This is a long terms strategy that essential for almost any business in highly competitive markets.
See: Search Engine Optimization and see
Website Promotion

Advertising (SEM)

We all know this but hate to admit it…. The only way to provide immediate visibility in the search results is to advertise. You can never know exactly what someone will search, and your company will likely never show up in every search. So how do you get around that? SEM! A Search Engine Marketing campaign can provide immediate visibility for the most competitive terms and increase visibility for your brand.

We recommend this for almost any business that depends on website traffic for new business.
See Internet Advertising

Social Media MarketingSocial Media Marketing (SEM)

Social Media is where people turn for recommendations and reviews and they trust this source far more than advertising. Social Media Marketing is an extremely powerful tool and we recommend it for all businesses.

See: Social Media Marketing

Reputation ManagementReputation Management

Your online reputation is your most valuable asset. However, controlling, monitoring and managing your reputation across all the points of contact can be a daunting task.

See: Reputation Management

Uptime MonitoringWebsite Monitoring

It’s important to monitor your sites up-time availability, activity, and health. In addition to monitoring your website’s up-time, we monitor it for indexing difficulties, crawl issues, and broken links.

See: Website Monitoring

Website DesignWebsite design

While we don’t design websites, we partner with the top web designers in Huntsville to ensure that your website will not only represent your company well, but will also perform in the search results.

See our list of Website Resources


We offer a range of services and we’ll work with you to determine how aggressive you want to be and what your budget will allow. While one size doesn’t fit all, customers typically spend between $1,000 and $1,500 a month.


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