Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Services

Adwords CouponsWebsites rarely rank well for every search term that is desired. An “SEM” campaign can provide immediate visibility for more difficult terms and provide important exposure for your brand.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) refers to advertising that appears next to natural (organic) search results on search engines. Creating an AdWords campaign involves selecting a group of key word phrases, creating the related Ad copy, and then bidding the maximum amount you are willing to pay if someone clicks on your Ad. The Ads can be used to give your site visibility when you don’t rank organically or when you are looking to build name recognition.

“Marketing on the Web changed our business. When SportsMed began internet marketing, our business immediately increased and it was the only expenditure that could show an exact correlation between dollars spent and business growth.” – L. Lackey, Director of Business Development

We are experts with the major SEM technologies, including Google, Yahoo, Bing, facebook and LinkedIn. We can help you evaluate your budget, expand your existing list of keywords and key phases, and work with you to create special landing pages on your website. In many cases we can help you understand where you are spending money needlessly, and also identify areas where increased spending would be justified.

We create and monitor campaigns to ensure that Ads and phrases with the highest conversion rate are maintained, and that poorly performing Ads and phrases are paused or deleted. We test and tune Ads and phrases for highest performance, monitor search phrases to identify new opportunities or trends, create targeted placement campaigns, and use the results of this data to make on-going improvements to your site.

Do you need help with your SEM efforts?

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