Social Media Marketing & Advertising (SMM)

Social Media Marketing

We don’t have to tell you that social media can make or break your business. If you aren’t actively utilizing social media, you aren’t doing everything you can to effectively speak to a large percentage of potential customers. Social media allows businesses to network, educate, and share information with customers and prospects alike. The best part of social media is that it allows your company to develop a relationship with your customers who can ask questions, provide feedback, and endorse their products and services.

Social Media Marketing & Advertising (SMM) Services

Social Media Marketing

  • Social Media Strategies
  • Market / Industry Research
  • Plan Development
  • Brand Integration
  • Social Media Management
  • Profile / Account Setup
  • Branded Content Development
  • Conversation Management
  • Post Boosting
  • Monitoring/Reporting
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Campaign Creation
  • Audience Targeting / Tuning
  • Website Visit Re-marketing / Re-targeting
  • Monitoring / Reporting

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