Link Building Campaigns

link buildingIf your business is seeking to grow visibility and awareness of its products and services to a wider audience, we can help. Inbound links weigh heavily in search engine ranking algorithms. Search engines rely on these links to determine the relevance of your site and they are one of the most important factors determining your site’s ranking for any given search phrase. A “content marketing” or “link building” campaign is designed grow exposure to products and services and improve the number of relevant links to website.

Our Approach

Obtaining credible links is one of the most difficult and time-consuming jobs we perform. We work to achieve a balance of links from a variety of site types. Refined over several years, our approach is proven to produce top rankings.

Manual Link Building

We manually obtain each link to assure that they are never associated with an automated linking scheme. Many SEO firms provide link building through automated or bulk submission processes. These methods are fast and inexpensive, but gamble with the reputation of your website and may get you banned from search results entirely.

Careful Site Selection

Links are not equally weighted by the search algorithms. Both the ranking of the site and its content are important when determining the authority of a site. Links from sites that are authorities in your field will have a greater impact on the relevancy of your website in the search results than links from sites with unrelated content.

Article Marketing

We help you create articles that are of the highest editorial value and most likely to be accepted for publication. We optimize the articles for phrases we are seeking to promote, we link key concepts and phrases, we select the author’s screen name, and we often even tailor the author’s bio in such a way as to improve the value of the placement and the links to your site. We distribute articles to high-quality sites where they will have the greatest potential for being picked up and published to additional sites.

Directories Submissions

Directory listings play an important role in link building and higher rankings. We submit to well structured, high quality directories trusted by the search engines; these act as hubs or “road signs” that point to valued sites on the net.

Niche Directories

Niche directories are those that are specifically related to your product, service, or industry. We seek out sites that provide followed links and are a natural fit for your business.

Social Media Posts

Social media sites are used to build brand recognition and enable more of your company’s information to be represented in search results. Social sites provide an element of freshness (or recency) that search engines value and they can be a useful resource to encourage natural or “viral” links to your site.

Blog Posts

Blog posts are pursued and used to obtain keyword specific links back to your site.

Do you need a link building Campaign?

If you have a Huntsville-based business and want to improve the ranking and relevance of your website through a Link Building campaign – Contact us!