Do you really want a one-page website?

One page websites have grown in popularity in recent years. They are easy to navigate from a mobile device, which is extremely important, but they are not popular among those of us who are responsible for making your website rank in search results.

If you have a small business a single page website may be fine, but business trying to be found for a variety of products and services are probably going to have a tough time competing in search against businesses who employ multi-page sites.

Sites that have a individual focused pages for each product and service are typically going to have an easier time ranking for those products and services.

A recent tweet by Google’s John Mueller discusses “sitelinks,” another issue that could impact businesses with one-page websites. Sitelinks are displayed in the search results, showing menu links to areas of your website that  Google considers to be important. These helpful links enable searchers to click and go to key areas on interest directly from the search results. As a bonus, not only does your website appear more prominently in the results, your company takes up a larger area of the search results pushing competitors down the page.

Sitelinks Example:

Cancer Treatment

In John’s recent post he says that flat sites, where all pages carry equal weight, will not have site links. While this could also be an issue with small multi-page website, it is always going to be an issue with a single page website.



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