Feedburner Subscription Problems

I use Google’s feedburner product to manage my feed and email subscriptions. For email subscribers, it monitors the feed on my blog and emails subscribers when there is a new post. I’m not sure what the deal is, but recently it’s been repeating emails, re-sending some posts that are months old.

I appreciate my email subscribers and I am sorry know this is annoying! I think there are two choices here, either I kill the feedburner service entirely, or wait for Google to fix it. Killing feedburner would cut off people that read my RSS feed via a reader. Not killing it may cost me all my email subscribers.

So I suggest that if you follow my blog via RSS, you update your link to https://www.marketing-ontheweb.com/feed/ to take feedburner out of the loop.

If you are an email subscriber, please unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of the email that you receive and resubscribe using the new form in the footer or sidebar of my blog.

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