Starting a Google AdWords Campaign

I am always encouraging my customers to start a Google AdWords campaign. You can start relatively small budget and, in addition to generating additional traffic and sales, you can gain some fantastic marketing data in the process.

While your website may be optimized for the many of the phrases in your space, I am always able to find phases to drive incremental business. In addition an AdWords campaign is a great way to test and evaluate ad copy to find out what messages are best at capturing and converting new business.

This is a great video on the subject:

If you would like help getting started, I can help you get set up, configure your campaign, create ad copy and optimize to help you get the most from your ad dollar.  AdWords is a pay per click model, so you only pay when your ad is clicked …and to help out, Google has just sent me a stack of $100 coupons to help businesses open accounts and get started!

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