The Importance of About Us and Contact Us Pages

I am always amazed when I find a site that is lacking an About Us or Contact page. Unlike a bricks and mortar business, a website can be created out of thin air, making these pages essential to establishing trust and closing business.

The content of these pages should communicate the people or company behind the website and where you are physically located.

About Us:
An About page helps people identify with you and you passions. Leave the sales pitch out. Small businesses should tell people when you went into business, tell why you exist and, if you can, include background on the people involved.

Larger businesses should focus on why someone should do business with you over someone else. Think of this section as explaining your business in tangible terms, your credentials, your location, your facility, and what makes you unique.

Contact Us:
A Contact Us page tells people where you are located. Include your physical address; list your phone number and hours of operation. If you don’t have someone staffing phones, give the ability to send you an email (info@) or use a contact form to limit spam.

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