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I just read a great article by Ian Lurie at Coversation Marketing titled Things You Don’t Know About Your Customers. Perhaps more aptly named Things to remember when designing a website, its a great read with clear points we all need to remember. In summary:

Updated 3/2020:

  1. Reading onscreen is hard, for everyone.
    • Use short paragraphs.
    • Use wide line spacing and nice margins.
    • Use dark text on a light background.
    • Scrolling up-and-down is OK
    • Use lists.
  2. They view in an F-shape
  3. They can’t remember your web address (being at the top of search results for your name means nothing)
  4. They don’t search for your name (they search for answers to problems)
  5. They don’t want to log in (or anything standing between them and their goal)
  6. They don’t want an ‘experience’ (simple is better)
  7. They do want your newsletter (make it prevalent and easy to sign-up)
  8. They don’t care how clever you are. (just the facts please)
  9. They aren’t enticed by mystery.
  10. They get lost a lot (make navigation easy, redundant, and extend to your 404 pages)
  11. They are using cell phones
  12. They need to want (create desire)

A list of designers I work with and recommend is here: web designers

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