Yahoo Marketing to MSN AdCenter Transition Complete

Looks like the Yahoo Marketing to MSN AdCenter cut-over is now complete (I had several email notices to this effect this morning). With this change, customers will no longer be able to differentiate bids or ads between these platforms. To make this more clear in the reporting for my customers, I have updated the campaigns that previously read MSN (cpc) and Yahoo (cpc) to display as “Bing (cpc)” in their Google analytics traffic reports.

Yahoo to Bing Transition

Several in the industry are reporting wild gyrations in bid prices during the cut-over, so I am not chasing display positions at the moment. I will start to review bids again in a week or so after things level out.

For those of you who don’t know, Yahoo billed in advance, Bing and Google bill in arrears, so some of customers still have a balance at Yahoo. I exchanged email with a Yahoo rep about balances, who says they will not move Yahoo balances to Bing, as previously stated, but will apply any remaining balance to the credit card attached to your account after the cut-over (I expect this 30-60 days from now).

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