It’s About Topics Not Keywords!

I am routinely asked about keywords and SEO. First let me say that meta keywords, have literally not been a ranking signal for more than 10 years. Yahoo was the last to major engine to use them and that ended when Yahoo started using Bing’s as its search engine. Second, with Google’s Hummingbird update, Google understands parts of speech, so it more important to cover a topic thoroughly than to have exact keyword phrases. If your still stuffing your pages with keywords and phrases, just stop! It is more apt to harm your ranking than improve it.

So how can you cover a topic thoroughly? I recommend that you discuss your products and services from the perspective of different buyers:

  • What would the ultimate consumer be interested in? Discuss how your offering will make their life easier.
  • What would a technical person care about? Explain how your offering is technically superior to other products and services.
  • What would a financial buyer care about? Describe how your offering is more cost effective than a competitor’s offering.

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