SEO Beyond the Page

Let No Good Phrase Go Un-clicked

If you have read much on SEO, you know that page name, title, and content play a big roll in the optimizing you pages. However, there is a second phase of optimization that shouldn’t be neglected.

When you develop your content, you optimize you page for certain keywords or phrases. However, after launch it is important to follow up to see what phrases are driving people to your site. It’s important to verify that your key phases are working and certain your pages aren’t being recognized for the wrong phrases.

You can monitor and identify phrases that convert in your analytics package or by working your SEM campaigns. But how do you identify phrases that are showing in search results, but that are not getting click-throughs? Google’s Webmaster tool is a good resource, specifically have a look at >Statistics > Top search queries. What you get is a month by month report of words that being displayed in Google’s search results. The list on the left is all results, and the list on the right are the phrases that were clicked on.

You can follow this month-by-month to see what is moving up or down in Google’s Search Results page. Any of target phrases that only show up in the list on the left side should be tested and associated page descriptions evaluated to understand why these good phrases are going un-clicked.

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