Internet Marketing Services

Marketing your website not only provides immediate benefits in terms of traffic and sales, but can also deliver tangible, long-term benefits, building equity in a marketing resource that you own.

Marketing on the Web provides a range of SEO/SEM services to improve the visibility of your business’s website in the search results. Our services include an initial Website Audit, determining Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requirements, implementing Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns, Performance-Tuning and on-going Monitoring and Maintenance.

Our Process

Our Process

Website Audit

When someone uses a search engine to locate a product or service, that engine attempts to guide the user to the most appropriate results. Search engines base their evaluations on a variety of factors, including incoming links, page names, structure, navigation, and content. A Website Audit maps out a strategy to get the most attention for your products and services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization refers to the process of optimizing your website so it will rank higher in natural (organic) search results. Only someone who does this on a daily basis is able to recognize and take advantage of the myriad details that can increase a site’s ranking.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Websites rarely rank well for every search term that is desired. A marketing campaign can provide immediate visibility for more competitive terms and provide important exposure for your brand.

Analysis and Performance Tuning

Whether you are deploying a new website, revamping an existing site, or launching a marketing campaign, it is essential to track and analyze the effectiveness of your optimization and marketing efforts.  By tracking the words and phrases that bring visitors to your site and analyzing how people are interacting with your content, you can determine which visits result in business and which visits don’t.

Monitoring and Maintenance

You can have the best website in the world, but if it’s not available to your potential customers then it’s not doing you any good. After you design and deploy your website, it’s important to supervise its availability, activity, and health. In addition to monitoring your website’s up-time, we can check your site for indexing difficulties, sitemap issues, broken links, and duplicate descriptions and titles, and we can correct any problems that are found.

If you are trying to drive more traffic to your web site, generate more leads, and convert more of those leads into sales – We Can Help!