Google Releases Google Analytics Updates

I thought Avinash Kaushik prepared an especially good article on new features coming to GA. Google updated their java-script about a year ago to support more features and this update starts to float some of those changes to the surface.

If you haven’t moved to the new (non urchin) code, you should do so as soon as possible. How can you tell which code you have? In a browser window surf to your website and do a “view source” on any web page, then search for  The old urchin code is urchin.js, if it says ga.js your OK.

If you need to upgrade, you can get the updated code snip-it from the Google Analytics Analytics Settings panel. In the Settings column click Edit, and then click the Check Status link at the top right of the panel. There you will see two tabs, New Tracking code and Legacy Tracking. You want new

Articles on the upgrade:

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