Jump Start Your Brand with Instagram

Small businesses and corporations are always looking for new DRTV marketing ideas, and many choose to hire a direct response advertising agency to manage their marketing strategies.  However, not all businesses are able to afford such advertising.  Luckily for them, the variety of social media platforms has made marketing more affordable and accessible than ever before.

Facebook has been a popular tool for many years and it was no surprise when they purchased Instagram, a free application that allows anyone to share photos and give their photos a cool look be selecting one of many filters. The popular retro filters have been a hit and people are using them to give their images dated looks from the 1970s and 1980s. Once a user takes a photo and uploads to the Instagram site, she can then share it among other social networks and with all their followers. As other social media sites, Instagram has gained a huge following. At first, just like Facebook, it was being used by teenagers to share photos with friends. It quickly caught on and now adults and companies are using it.

Users download the application to their cell phones and then snap photos, apply filters, and upload the photos. Companies are using it to showcase new products, share photos at industry events, share employee event photos, and to just keep their names in the spotlight. Instagram currently has more than 45 million users, and that kind of free publicity cannot be generated anywhere else next to Facebook.

Clothing companies like Urban Outfitters and Styles For Less have joined Instagram to promote the latest trends and fashion-hungry readers are commenting on the photos daily. Other companies to jump onto this latest social media platform are Intel, Walmart and AAA. This year we’ll see many more companies discovering the hidden power of this cool new tool.

To market properly on Instagram without turning people away is still by trial and error. As with all social networking sites, the first thing is sharing valuable content; in this case, upload great photos and include proper captions. Don’t just take a photo for the sake of getting something up on the site. If you are a fashion designer, then take photos of our new designs and upload them with a strong description. Tell people about the outfit and where they can purchase it.

You will also want to share personal photos, such as ones from around the office or outside. It’s also a good idea to share family photos so people can get an idea of who you truly are. People want to connect with other people, and this one of Instagram’s strongest selling points. You can connect with one simple photo.

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