What Does Your Online Company Profile Look Like?

A New Age for Businesses – What Does Your Online Company Profile Look Like?

Social media has changed the way that we market ourselves. Social Media is one of the largest avenues for advertising. ComScore reported on June 11, 2012 that over 82% of the world engages in online social networking.

Consumers trust “social proof” over any other type of communication online. When they can see that you have customers interacting and talking about your product or service, a level of trust is developed.

This two-way dialogue that social media presents becomes a new challenge for some businesses – in fact, a whole new way to do business. No longer does it matter what you do to promote your progress if you don’t have an ongoing dialogue between your company and your customers, especially in the area of affiliate marketing. And in order to forge solid relationships with affiliates you need a solid company profile with a proven track record.

As you brand yourself using these social media techniques, you can open the door to advertising in a whole new light. You aren’t pigeonholed to expensive AdWord campaigns anymore either.

Facebook ads are one of the most effective ways to increase ROI. Twitter also has a paid advertising plan. Once you understand your demographics and how to engage your audience, this is the next step.

That’s why it’s good to have an expert on hand that can help you target your Social Media efforts efficiently. Recently the experts at Media Whiz recently reported that over 75% of consumers base their decisions based social proof from their friends and other fellow socializers online.

How Do Affiliate Marketers Reach More Leads With Social Media?

Of course, strong consumer insights and tracking of your online marketing is a must, but even more so with social media and affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a whole new ballgame with the latest updates from Panda and then Penguin.

You can’t climb to the top with a bunch of backlinks, blog networks, or hundreds of web profiles and blog comments. It doesn’t work like that any more.

If you want a high CPA, you have to engage yourself with your leads. They want social proof that you aren’t another fly-by-night company. You can bet that they will take a look at your company profile, reviews and social media.

How Do You Get Started Branding And Marketing Your Business Using Social Media

You must understand your audience. What is the reach that your social marketing messages has? What are your friends saying about your business and what what are the demographics of their friends list. All of this information is trackable.

Your relationship with your customers on Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn will directly affect how your potential leads and current customers engage with your website. As you are able to benchmark your performance against your competition, you can brainstorm new strategies that will improve your social marketing ROI.

Companies such as Media Whiz provide a full service solution for tracking consumer insights that is aimed at measuring and understanding how a business or affiliate marketer can leverage these insights toward their own social media plan.

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