Improving Organic Results

The key to increasing site relevancy is to have relevant content. In a recent exercise for a client, I was looking for industry terms and phrases to use for a marketing campaign. I used Google’s keyword tool that examines your site for relevant phrases and produces a list of grouped terms from which you might build a AdWords campaign. The problem was the terms that were produced didn’t match the business. This is alarming as this disconnect has serious negative ramifications for the companies organic raking. The site was turning up in organic searches for the same disconnected terms. People at arriving at the site for the wrong phrases didn’t stay, driving up bounce rate, and decreasing the sites relevancy in the search engines (yikes!).

So start with a list of industry terms and phrases and then be sure those terms and phrases appear in your pages. If you are marketing a service like “internet marketing” you should have phrases such as, internet marketing, web marketing, search engine marketing, SEM, etc. throughout your pages. Talk about marketing your products in as many ways as you can. If you are marketing products, build out a “solutions” area to talk about how your products solve problems for specific industries. This way when some one searches on “widgets for (insert industry here)” your site will rank high for those queries. More importantly, searchers who land on those pages will understand how your product can improve their business and then continue into your site to learn more.

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