Website Analysis and Performance Tuning

Digital MarketingWhether you are deploying a new website, revamping an existing site, or launching a marketing campaign, it is essential to track and analyze the effectiveness of your optimization and marketing efforts.

By tracking the words and phrases that bring visitors to your site and analyzing how people are interacting with your content, you can determine which visits result in business and which visits don’t. Having that knowledge can then make changes to your site to refine titles and copy to boost the relevancy of your content for the most effective phrases in the Search results.

If you are advertising on Google, Yellowbook, Facebook, or posting videos on YouTube you can also track and evaluate the effectiveness of those efforts. If the traffic from a campaign is producing sales, you may want to increase you budget to gain additional exposure for that program, but if that traffic is not resulting in sales, you may need to reevaluate or discontinue that effort altogether.

Our Process - Performance Tuning

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Do you need help evaluating your traffic and tuning the content your site?

Marketing on the Web provides Website Traffic Analysis and Performance Tuning for businesses in the Huntsville Alabama area. If you want to drive more traffic to your web site, generate more leads and convert more of those leads into sales – We Can Help!