Excellent Article on E-A-T for SEO

Excellent article by Andrew Shotland of the Local SEO Guide:

“E-A-T” (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) has been a trendy topic in SEO for the past few years.

Before we can figure out what E-A-T LOCAL is, let’s lay down a baseline as to what E-A-T for SEO overall is. Great SEOs like Marie Haynes and Lily Ray have gone through a lot of time and effort to pick apart how Google might define E-A-T. In reviewing some of the top posts and presentations on the subject, the consensus says E-A-T for SEO can be defined as:

  1. Up to date content
  2. Factually accurate content
  3. Positive reviews
  4. Content created by experts
  5. Content that supports that your experts are in fact experts
  6. Content on 3rd party sites that suggests your experts are experts
  7. Content on 3rd party sites that suggests your experts and/or your site are authorities (e.g having a Wikipedia page, a Knowledge Panel for the author, etc.)
    Links from relevant URLs on other sites

There’s nothing mind-blowing here, and you can see how you could start to bake these concepts into a tactical campaign – make sure your content is accurate and up to date, use “known” authors, get positive reviews, and of course, get some links. But Local SEO has always been a slightly different game and so it stands to reason E-A-T for Local should have its own peculiarities as well.

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Google Defines E-A-T

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