Marketing Overview for Web Developers

I was recently asked to speak to the North Alabama Web Developers group. I created a slide presentation that discusses organic versus paid search results and some of the elements that come into play when improving Search Engine Rank.
Here is a link to that presentation. Marketing Overview for Web Developers.

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2 thoughts on “Marketing Overview for Web Developers

  1. Thanks for speaking to the HSV meetup group today!

    I’m still concerned about “duplicate content” slowing me down. I mentioned that I have mirrored some usenet forums (see and click on Forums) There is no less than a ton of content here yet if I check google search with there seems to be not so much indexed (only about 500 pages)

    While it would be great to have the usenet stuff indexed it is not the most important thing to me (the newsgroup forums are there more for a service to my users). However, I am worried that maybe I’m getting negative points for having so much obviously duplicate content (duplicated many other places on the web – including google’s own newsgroup mirrors).

    Any thoughts? I wonder if these newsgroups are doing more harm than good.

  2. Richard,
    It doesn’t sound like a duplicate content issue. It can only be “duplicate content” if it’s duplicated on your site or with-in your IP group.

    But the content could be creating other issues. I would be happy to look at this and discuss further

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